Career and Corporate Coaching

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Career and Corporate Coaching

Wherever you are is where we will start.  What does that mean?

If you are seeing a decrease in productivity, office morale, increased sick days and conflict around the office – burnout may be to blame.  But how did this happen? Employees generally have a life outside of the office in addition to increasing demands they may be facing at work as well.  My role is to help you identify the problem and strategize to come up with a solution.  Each work place is unique and has requirements unlike others. Coaching is a forward thinking approach that sparks a creation conversation to solve problems and reach goals. 

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You are unsettled in your current job. You would like a promotion but aren’t sure what that would be or how you would go about creating that potential future.


The only way to the other side is through.  Start where you are at, your current reality. How are you being in your position right now? Do you handle tasks effectively and with confidence? Sometimes when we are feeling overwhelmed, we can look for bigger and better options as a way of avoiding the problem.  If this is the case for you, it’s at this point we begin a different creations conversation. 

What strengths are there for you? How can you see bringing this potential into a new role? What can YOU do to be recognized for this promotion?  Now, create a step by step timeline that will get you to your ideal future.

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