Yesterday was my oldest Son’s first competitive Go-Kart Race. He hasn’t been out to the track much this year prior to this race. He was really excited to race so my husband talked with him about setting a realistic goal. He knew he wasn’t going to come in the first place, heck he just wanted to finish the race. He came in last and was lapped by his competitors BUT he finished the race. When everyone was receiving awards and trophy’s, he was feeling embarrassed.

My husband talked to him about how we all have different skill levels and if we want to get better it’s important to set goals. For his next race, his goal isn’t to WIN but rather to not get lapped. Of course, my son wants to win eventually, but it’s not practical to set that goal from the beginning.

Setting smaller goals will help you reach your end goal. It’s that whole “one step in front of the other” mentality. This week, my goal is to stay tight with my nutrition and get my workouts in. What are your goals for this week?