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I believe that we all ultimately hold the answers within ourselves.  

My passion in coaching is supporting you with gentleness, encouragement, insight and compassion on the journey to discovering your full potential.

The aim is to work as a team in a ‘creation conversation’ focusing on ‘where you are headed and how’ rather than ‘where you have been’.

This forward-thinking approach allows us to overcome the common struggles we experience with fear, limiting beliefs and self-defeating concepts to write a new life-script beginning with now. 

I believe my gift lies in creating a warm, approachable guidance & support to the coaching role.

I have had the honour to experience coaching in many different areas and bring some valuable personal insights to help people transform their own lives.

Wherever you are, is where we will begin! 

Ashley Johnson, ACC accredited executive coach

Ashley Johnson is a devoted wife; doting mother to 3 beautiful children, loving support to 4 clients with disabilities; a friend and mentor to many. 

Ashley lives and works out of her home in Calgary.  Ashley believes whole-heartedly in the need for understanding who we ‘want to be’ and who we ‘are being right now’ so that we can close the gap between them.

With a creative approach to supportive services, Ashley brings years of experience in supporting mental health, loss, trauma, burnout & boundaries, relationships, body image and communication with others.  She truly has the gift of compassion and understanding and knows just how to tap into her client’s heart and soul to help them uncover the best possibility for themselves and their lives.

Personal Coaching Session:
5 Sessions $350 ($25 savings)
10 Sessions $700 ($50 savings)

Sessions can be done via Zoom, Skype or in person at my office.

*Contact Ashley for group workshop rates.  

Payment: Cash, cheque, etransfer or

Visa and MasterCard accepted.


I truly love the energy and passion Ashley brings. I came out of the session feeling energized, positive with some great ideas I truly don’t think I would have come up with on my own. She truly cares and invests her time in getting to know you.

I Highly recommend anyone who is going through life changes, working towards new goals, having a difficult time or just wants to be inspired to have a coaching session with Ashley.

Kimberly H